Australian and New Zealand Industrial and Applied Mathematics

The members of the current Executive Committee, together with their length of stay in office (as at February 2008), are:


CHAIR: Professor P Taylor (2 sessions - Vic)

DEPUTY CHAIR: Professor P Howlett (1 session - SA)

SECRETARY: Dr W Summerfield (24 years - NSW)

TREASURER: A/Professor P Johnston (3 years - Qld)


Professor A P Bassom (2 sessions - WA)

Professor L Forbes (co-opted - Tas)

Dr S W McCue (2 sessions - Qld)

Dr M Nelson (1 session - NSW)

professor M Roberts (1 session - NZ)

Dr H Sidhu (2 sessions - ACT)


Clause 9 of the constitution limits the terms of office of the Chair, Deputy Chair and Ordinary Executive members to two consecutive sessions in that office. Professors Bassom and Taylor and Drs McCue and Sidhu must retire from their present positions. Members are reminded that the Officers and Ordinary Members of the Executive Committee shall include residents of each of the States of the Commonwealth of Australia, of the Australian Capital Territory, and of New Zealand.


Please also note that the Chairs of the ANZIAM Specialist Interest Groups, and the President of the Australian Mathematical Society, are members of the Executive Committee. The present Specialist Interest Group Chairs are A/Professor I W Turner (CMG), A/Professor W Blyth (EMG) and E/Professor N de Mestre (MathSport).